"Europe is beautiful"

The CEWE photo contest of 05 June 2012 to 31 December 2012

Our international photo contest "Europe is beautiful" has ended.

From 5 June 2012 to 31 March 2013, CEWE invited photographers of all kind to join in Europe’s biggest photography competition, set to the motto “Europe is beautiful”. More than 44,000 photos were entered during this time, were reviewed in an elaborate process and organised. Then the time had come on 30 May: a jury of experts chose the best photos during a meeting lasting several hours and selected the winners.

Europe is a colourful continent, whose character of contradictions and peculiarities make up a complete image. Whether its culture or history, its people or landscapes – Europe really is beautiful and there is much to discover. The coastline of Croatia, Italian personalities and temperament, the wondrous temples of Athens or endless fjords in Norway – they all dazzle us with their splendor. Europe is a land comparable with no other.

Enter photo contest and Win

CEWE PHOTOBOOK cordially invited you to participate in one of Europe's largest photo competitions "Europe is beautiful". We want to share your special shots in the four categories of "people", "sports", "city and nature" or "culture and nature" that show the beauty of Europe.


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In addition to the deserved praise and awards, the winners receive: in first place, a luxury cruise ship voyage from TUI Cruise for two persons, valued at 7,500 euros and including arrival and overnight stay at the city of departure. Second and third place winners each receive a trip of several days for two persons to a European metropolis of their choice, valued at 2,500 euros. Winners up to the 25th place could expect a camera, while winners up to the 500th place were given vouchers for the CEWE PHOTOBOOK.

  • Kreuzfahrt.png

    A luxury cruise for two 

    A luxury cruise for two along the European coast.

  • Paris.png

    An exclusive multi-day city break for two

  • London.png

    An exclusive multi-day city break for two